Apple Intros iPod 8GB Red

By Richard Menta 11/4/06

I find it humerous that the press will give Apple so much in terms of column inches over the simple fact that they added another color to their iPod lineup. Think about it, if Sony came out with a purple Bravia TV would you care? More important, would the press really report on it?

It really goes to show you how eager both the mainstream and Internet press are for any iPod tidbit that can come their way. You can't buy that type of marketing, which only goes to show the real challenge that all of the iPod's competitors have had to face once Apple took command of the DAP arena. Microsoft will spend tens-of-millions of dollars in hopes of grabbing just a piece of this lightning for itself. Apple gets it all for free.

But in all fairness, this is not to dump on Apple who are actually tapping this effect for a good cause. $10 of every red iPod sold will go to Global Fund to fight AIDS in Africa. The company already released a 4GB unit in red and now starts the press rolling again with a similar version for its top-of-the-line nano. Also...I kinda like the red.

iPod Red

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