Sony MP3 Player with Pedometer

By Richard Menta 7/24/06

If you like the idea of the Apple/Nike device that allows you to track your workouts on your iPod, but are not ready to invest over $100 in special Nikes to go with Apple's $30 device, Sony is introducing another option. The new Sony sport players comes in 2GB (NW-S205F) and 1GB (NW-S203F) capacities and will have a built-in pedometer to measure calories, distance, and the number of steps taken. The player also comes with a stopwatch to time your runs (or walks) and like the Nike + iPod you will be able to upload the information on a website and chart your progress.

The Parker pen shape of the Sony NW-S205F is reminicent of that company's first digital music player, the Sony Music Clip and comes with an FM tuner, a single line OLED display, and an armband. Price of the 2GB unit is an attractive $150 while the 1GB will run you $120. The unit is due in stores in the October, in time for fall birthdays and Christmas trees.

Sony NW-S205F

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