SNOCAP Launched

By Jon Newton 6/14/05

Napster creator Shawn Fanning has now officially gone legit, publicly opening his Snocap digital registry.

It relies on a Content Identification Service (CIS) that uses audio fingerprinting technology licensed from Philips Royal Labs to identify, register and track music that’s available for licensing.

Founded by Fanning, Jordan Mendelson and Ron Conway and now fronted by a web page bearing a graphic which looks remarkably like the Apple iPod ads, Snocap offers, “authorized access to a large catalog of music and a broad and competitive marketplace”.

Jon Newton

Broad it may be. Competitive it is not, as Fanning himself can testify having been shut down by the same members of the Big Music cartel monopoly who are going to use him in an about-face under which we’ll soon be hearing about the wonders of p2p.

Corporate, DRM-bound p2p, that is.

Labels Fanning says have signed up include Universal Music Group, Sony BMG and EMI, with aggregators including TVT, Rykodisc, Artemis, Nettwerk and IODA.

Digital Registry Product Tiers include:

SNOCAP Basic - "provides the tools for artists and small independent labels to upload music and track information directly from their desktop to SNOCAP's database. Once uploaded, catalogs can be managed from a web-based interface where users can edit track and album information, organize catalogs, and build rulesets to establish usage terms. SNOCAP Basic users can register their ownership in the territories where they control the recording; register content currently being shared on P2P networks they may not know about (back catalog or live content, for example) and set use terms for distribution; seed music to new retail services; generate revenue and track overall sales."

SNOCAP Plus - "provides independent record labels with all of the functionality of SNOCAP Basic as well as a full menu of options for encoding, transcoding and delivering content to SNOCAP. Plus Users can upload and store up to 100,000 tracks in the SNOCAP registry, and benefit from phone-based customer support."

SNOCAP Advanced - "is designed to serve large rightsholders. The Advanced tier offers all of the tools and services provided in SNOCAP Plus, along with the ability to upload large catalogs of music. Labels using SNOCAP Advanced can automatically register and apply use terms based on information included with batch uploads. Advanced users can deliver weekly catalog updates of new releases to SNOCAP's registry via automated means, and receive customized feedback on their music library."


Jon Newton is the editor of and is a regular contributer to MP3 Newswire. Jon's site is devoted to the politics of digital music and his insights as well as those of his co-writers can be read there. We urge you to explore it.


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