LokiTorrent Not Closed by Court? Closed by Private Deal With MPAA?

By Jon Newton 2/18/05

If you're among the people who've been worried by the on-again-off-again LokiTorrent situation - ie, that the Big Movie cartel might, or might not, have your name and address - stop worrying, says isoHunt.

“First of all, for those scared of big brother reading Lokitorrent's server logs: Loki’s Map Leads MPAA on Road to Nowhere (source: Slyck),” says a post on the site. (A different source told p2pnet there was indeed something to worry about.)

Jon Newton

“I got off the phone with someone at EFF this morning,” says isoHunt.

“Regarding the Lokitorrent case, so far no US court records are found for any lawsuit / trial that were filed between the MPAA and Lokitorrent. A court order (as mentioned on Lokitorrent's shutdown notice) may have been made to validate the settlement between them, but the million USD fine, site shutdown, and turnover of server logs appears to be a voluntary and private settlement between them, rather than a trial happening and ruling passed to require Lokitorrent for such.

“What deal did the MPAA give Lokitorrent for them to take the fall remains unknown. As for the donations that went to Lokitorrent's legal defense fund, until we see a refund to donators, we can conclude that it was a scam.

“The importance of this is that what happened to Lokitorrent sets no legal precedent for P2P developers and service operators like isoHunt.com. More legal research is underway, I'll update as I learn more.

“isoHunt.com isn't exactly a news source, but I think this is important that this is made known. Feel free to re-distribute whatever here on other publications.”

Stay tuned.


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