Grokster v MGM BitTorrents

By Jon Newton 3/28/05

Political blog has released BitTorrent files containing all of the briefs submitted to the Supreme Court regarding tomorrow's MGM v Grokster case.

The torrents went online Saturday and since then, the equivalent of 391,741 pages of court documents have downloaded, says founder Thad Anderson.

"Stanford Law Professor Lawrence Lessig wrote on his blog ( that the torrent was 'demonstrating the point of p2p'," says Andserson, adding:

Jon Newton

"In addition to the Grokster briefs, has released a torrent containing documents from the 1984 Betamax case, and another containing mp3 audio files of the oral arguments in that case."

Anderson was recently pleasantly surprised to find his blog is cited in two G v MGM amici curiae briefs.


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