SkreemR is Back

By Richard Menta 3/01/11

Back in October I noticed that SkreemR, one of the more useful sites for streaming a specific song you want to hear, was down for a few days. I dropped a note to one of it's principals, James Gagan, who told me that the site was mothballed indefinitetly. "We had a good run of 3 and a half years", Gagan wrote in his email, "but everyone involved has other interests and ultimately it was not a hugely profitable enterprise. So it is time to move onto other things".

And that was that, another music site down for the count. Yet, lazy that I am sometimes, I never got around to removing the SkreemR icon from my iPod. Good thing too. Yesterday, I accidentally slid my finger over the icon and opened it. To my surprise I discovered that the site was back up and functioning, with a few improvements to boot.

According to Gagan's twitter posts SkreemR was re-launched in limited form on February 6th. On February 15th SkreemR added voice activated search for Chrome users.

Why the site came back is what interests me most, of course. Money is starting to flow back into music startups now that EMI is in receivership and Warner Music Group is on the block. Rdio, Spotify, X5, and Pandora have all pulled in sizeable investment dollars recently and media platform Boxee just scored $16.5 million for itself.

Has SkreemR found a little Angel funding to revive itself? It would make sense as the project was shuttered by economics and not the strong-armed tactics from the record industry. Indeed, there may be more than a few dollars waiting in the wings for the Canadians in a country whose governenment is suspect of US-centric recording interests. I sent another note to Gagan to see if he could provide further details and I will report back as soon as I hear more.

Richard Menta