Skreemr Down for Week. Probably Gone

By Richard Menta 10/10/10

All is not looking good for the Vancouver-based Skreemr. I sent an email over to the only contact I could find on the site, James Gagan, and I am waiting for a response. With the site down a week now and with no communication from the company to explain the extended downtime it looks more likely that the music search engine has quietly expired.

I remember when I noticed Seeqpod was down - just for a few hours - and I wondered about it's fate. Seeqpod was in bankruptcy and so its existence was already so tenuous that a half-a-day of downtime was enough to suggest serious trouble. Then I received a note form SeeqPod CEO Kasian Franks who assured me that "SeeqPod is in the process of moving a few servers due to an acquisition by a media company. We'll be back up shortly".

Seeqpod never came back.

Will Skreemr?

Richard Menta


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