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By Jon Newton 2/2/10

A regular voice on MP3 Newswire, Jon Newton and P2PNet served as an important voice in the digital conflict between corporation, consumer and artist. P2Pnet will be missed. ---Editor

Hi everyone: This will be p2pnet’s last post because, to borrow a phrase from Wikileaks, I can’t “meaningfully continue operations until costs are covered”.

I’m closing down. And so is Wikileaks.

“To concentrate on raising the funds necessary to keep us alive into 2010, we have reluctantly suspended all other operations, but will be back soon,” it says. “We protect the world — but will you protect us?”

Jon Newton

I can’t claim p2pnet has been protecting the world, but I’ve done my best to unspin some of the vested interest corporate spin, and expose a few of the lies and corruption.

I launched p2pnet close to 10 years ago and in that time I’ve published thousands of pages on topics ranging from Big Music’s black-hearted persecution of its own customers, through the CBC’s amazing new US licensing plan to Is Michael Bublé a pot head? and The Wonder that is iPad!, to quote from some of today’s posts.

But that was the gloss. For the meat, I believe I’m the only person who’s consistently covered the stories of the victims of the RIAA sue ‘em all campaign from the beginning. And I know I’m the only one who’s stressed how the entertainment (and software) industries are corrupting the minds of our children in and out of their classroms. And all in the name of the bottom line.

I’ve also broken what I believe are important stories such as Google’s censorship in China, traffic throttling in Canada and the first mention of the Hollywood / Big Music ‘graduated response’ (three strikes) plans.

Please don’t misunderstand me. I’m not comparing myself to Wikileaks, but I truly believe sites such as p2pnet are absolutely essential for freedom of speech, and the health of the internet generally.

I’ve tried various offline ways to raise money to keep p2pnet going but half-an-hour ago I learned my last hope had gone down the tubes.

Wikileaks says its yearly budget is $600,000. Mine is about $40,000 (give or take, and with no room for frills).

If anyone’s interested in either buying in to p2pnet for up to 49%, or perhaps merging with me, please let me know.

Thanks to my host, Cliff Haerden over in Belgium, p2pnet will at least stay online and if anyone is interested in contributing posts, please send them to me – p2pnet @ shaw dot ca. If you do, please include sources, and let me know if you want to be named or anonymous. I’ll do my best to see they go up reasonably quickly.

For myself, my first priority will be to find a way to pay the mortgage and keep food on the table. When I’ve done that, I’ll turn to what I believe is a unique on- and offline communications project — p2pnet on steroids, in effect.

Of course, if I can pull any rabbits out of any hats, I’ll reboot p2pnet, even if it’s only on a limited basis.

Thanks to everyone who’s made p2pnet what it is and who’ve become my friends. Thanks to the people who’ve posted readers’ writes, and sent me tips. Thanks to the people who’ve allowed me to re-run their articles. And thanks to the advertisers and my anonymous sponsor who allowed me to keep p2pnet going for as long as this.


Cheers! And all the best …

Jon Newton

[PS - if anyone's looking for a writer with online experience ... ]


Jon Newton is the editor of p2pnet.net and is a regular contributer to MP3 Newswire. Jon's site is devoted to the politics of digital music and his insights as well as those of his co-writers can be read there. We urge you to explore it.

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