Apple Sells 17 Apps Per iPad. Takes Nearly 1/4th of Represented eBook Market

By Richard Menta 6/6/10

Here is an interesting little figure Steve Jobs mentioned during his keynote at the Apple WWDC. According to Jobs, in the two months since the release of the iPad Apple has sold an average of 17 applications per iPad - and this is just from the 8500 iPad native apps presently available.

A total of 35 million iPad native applications were sold by Apple. Divide that figure by the 8500 apps and that means the first round of iPad native software are selling over 4000 copies each. Of course, not all native apps draw equal volume so this average is most likely skewed by big sales from applications on the iPad top 50 list. As of this writing the $2.99 A1 Perfect Web Browser tops the paid list, while Apple's own Pages application at ten bucks leads the top grossing dollar list.

Presumably, early iPad adopters will add to the 17 app figure by the end of the year. When Apple releases its end of quarter figures next January we will get an idea of this number is sustained for future iPad owners.

Richard Menta

Jobs also reported that 5 million eBooks were sold by the iBook store in the first 65 days. He shared that the publishers represented on the iBook store informed him that Apple now owns 22% of their eBook market. In other words the iPad drew nearly one out of four eBooks sold for this group, an impressive early start for the new platform's ambition to eventually lead the burgeoning eBook market.

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