Bono at Apple Promo

By Jon Newton 10/19/04

"Select" members of the press on Monday have received an invitation to a special Apple iTunes / iPod promo slated for October 26, says MacCentral.

It'll be an excuse for more Bono wit.

When Steve Jobs was promoting iTunes for Windows in San Francisco, last year, he indulged in a little video conferencing Bono, who was in Dublin at the time.

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The "biggest laughs" came when Bono said, 'That's why I'm here to kiss the corporate ass, and I don't kiss every corporate ass'," says The Mac Observer.

Wonderful stuff.

The current invite reads, "Steve Jobs, Bono and The Edge invite you to attend a special event".

U2 recently released their new single, Vertigo, exclusively through iTunes across multiple markets, and star in a new 30-second iTunes/iPod ad, Macworld points out.

Edge spoke of his astonishment when a CD containing some songs from the new album mysteriously went missing after a photo session.

(Curious to see what new iPod product will be introduced on this day. The Photo iPod? The Video iPod? iPod WiFi? We'll find out soon enough - Editor)

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