MP3 Over Thin Air

By Robert Menta - 9/18/01

Sensate Inc has launched a system that will deliver streaming MP3 music to wireless devices. Called 2nR-Musiker, the wireless media server for Real Jukebox was today released as a beta.

Based on AoIP, Sensate's platform works in conjunction with RealNetworks' RealJukebox software. 2nR-Musiker enables Windows or Windows CE variant Pocket PC devices to upload and stream MP3 files over wireless networks. The system can operate over Bluetooth networks, 802.11b wireless, and HomeRF.

2nR-Musiker PC Server Console

Sensate Wireless Media Server handles all the the duties of any other MP3 transfer software. The server console has a unique looking layout that seems to allow the user to transfer downloaded music to other devices such as Creative's Nomad Jukebox and MP3-capable cell phones and car stereos.

Those with iPaq's and other like pocket PC's interested in testing out the 2nR-Musiker beta can download it here.


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