MP3 adapter for Sony PDA

By Robert Menta- 9/06/01

Sony has released an adapter for their Clie PDA line that allows the units without built-in MP3 capability to play digital music files. The Clie Audio Adapter sells for $130 and comes with headphones and RealJukebox 2 Basic to upload and manage song files on the player.

The unit can also display snapshots and video clips and come with PictureGear 4.4 Lite and gMovie software to facilitate this.

The Archos Jukebox 6000 - is a 6GB jukebox MP3 portable and can be ordered from Amazon

Because of the large file sizes of the video clips, users will probably need to expand the memory of the PDA with 64MB or 128MB Sony Memory Sticks to play them. Sony has not stated how much memory the Clie Audio Adapter comes with if any, but that information should be available by the time the accessory is released end of September/early October.

The Clie Audio Adapter is designed to upgrade Sony's S300, S3200 and N610 models. Several vendors are already taking pre-orders including State Street Direct Online.

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