General Mills to put MP3's in 80 Million Boxes of Cereal

By Richard Menta- 10/19/00

Blue stars, yellow moons, green clovers, and a CD filled with MP3 music files. Digital music is coming to the cereal box in your pantry.

General Mills cereal to be precise. In a very interesting free prize promotion that should make the Cracker Jack kid jealous, the company has grouped with MP3 jukebox software manufacturer MusicMatch and MP3 download site to fill 80 million specially marked boxes of their cereal with free compilation CDs in the MP3 format.

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Music fans that purchase one of 80 million specially marked boxes of GeneralMills cereal can easily obtain one of eight different CDs containing music from today's popular artists, and the MusicMatch Jukebox Software.

Consumers can also use MusicMatch Jukebox to view exclusive artist video interviews on the GetMusic site.

"Through MusicMatch's involvement in this promotion, consumers are not only getting a great CD compilation at a terrific value, but they are also getting to experience the music and the artists in ways that weren't even imaginable a few years ago", said Peter Rauh, senior vice president of marketing for GetMusic.

Jonathan Gear, vice president of marketing at MusicMatch expressed similar enthusiasm for the promotion. "Teaming up with GetMusic for this exciting General Mills promotion means that millions of consumers will be able to easily discover digital music for the first time and realize new ways to enhance their music experience."

This giveaway further shows the promotion potential of digital music, a notion the traditional record industry has resisted even at this late date. More programs like this one, giveaways that get into the homes of millions of families, should go a long way in changing that.

So get your MP3's, their GREAAAT! Oh wait, that's a Kelloggs product. Oh well.

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