Digital Media Wishlist for 2005

By Richard Menta 1/09/05

I was asked recently what trends in digital music and films I would like to see coming into the 2005. After thinking about it I found I had a couple of ideas that deserve to make the light of day.

Below are a few of my ideas, ones that I feel think will happen eventually if not soon. These are not rumors, just wishfull musings.

I am rooting strongly for number four to happen this year, though. next week would not be fast enough. I say that with all true sincerity.

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1. Auto Factory Installed Apple iPod In-dash Unit

Apple's recent deal with BMW (to integrate an adapter that allows the portable iPod to connect to the Bimmers audio system) means they have definitely thought about an in-dash unit. Are they actually designing one? I hope so. There is only so much space on a dashboard though. An iPod Car must compete for space with the CD, amplifier, AM/FM radio, satellite radio, even a video system. Convergence here seems necessary and inevitabe.

2. Pre-1928 Movie and Music Website

Congress has steadily increased the length of copyrights, but there is content that is squarely in the public domain - content produced before 1928. Let the Library of Congress or some other public entity digitize this content and put it online for free access.

Free? Why free? Because it will better the world. Content includes early jazz including the groundbreaking works of Louis Armstrong. Also included are the films of Harold Lloyd, Buster Keaton, Edison and others. Also included are the works of lesser known individuals whose artistry have not seen the light of day since Herbert Hoover.

3. Television Download Service

A commercial site where instead of taping the previous night's show, you can download it to play on your Personal Media Player (PMP) for the mass transit commute to work. A recent announcement by Microsoft shows that such a service is already on the way.

4. An End to all P2P User Lawsuits

What I want under the tree for next Christmas. Enough of the media industry's bullying "Sue 'Em All" campaign. End this stupidity now.


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