The Rio CE2100

By Richard Menta 1/16/05

CES is over, but it served to introduce some of the latest digital music players from familiar brands. Rio used the time to introduce its newest player, the Rio CE2100.

The CE2100 is essentially the Rio Carbon minus a few GB and in a hi-gloss black shell. The CE2100 hold 2.5GB of content versus the Carbons 5GB. Shedding half the capacity will save the user $50, setting the CE2100 just uder the $200 price point. The CE2100 also loses the Carbon.s voice record capability.

The player was obviously developed to better compete with the iPod Mini by undercutting the Mini's price. Unfortunately for Rio, the recent release of the iPod Shuffle, Apple's new flash unit, affects this tactic as the Shuffle offers a smaller package with 1GB for only $149.00. Yes, for $50 more you can get the CE2100 and more memory (as well as three times more weight), but that same price difference upgrades CE2100 buyers to the Rio Carbon or the iPod Mini.

The Rio CE2100

In the end, the CE2100 creates another price tier for the Rio line that fits between the Rio Nitrus and the Carbon.

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