Minty iPod Killer. Build Your Own MP3 Player

By Jon Newton 1/17/05

What??!!! You don’t want to pay $150 for one of Apple’s ‘cheap’ iPod music players with no display?

That’s just plain un-American.

Anyway - you don’t have to. You can have a tiny portable in a much tastier box for around $50 - $25 for parts, and $25 for a PCB.

The Minty MP3 Player

It'll play mp3s, no problem, AND - you get, “Fresh breath and fresh design in one.”

You have to build this iPod challenger yourself. But that’s cool too. Heh

“Works with your favorite compact flash card, currently in trashy-revision v.1 mode,” says the post.

“Amaze your friends! Upload files via stunningly slow 115kb/s. Or cannibalize the code for FAT16 handling (create/delete/read files)


“Unlike some other mp3 players, this one comes with a 3.3v boost regulator (for running off of 1 or 2 alkaline or rechargable batteries) and an FM transmitter, for when you're on that road trip to Canada and you forgot your #@&*ing tape-adapter dongle thingy. Also, a really cool volume control button.”

Can you resist?

Details on the download site here.


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