Creative Technologies Sells 2 Million MP3 Players For Holiday

By Richard Menta 1/11/05

Maybe I should have waited a week before I came out with the 2004 Digital Media Winners list. If I had, then Creative Technologies would have been on it.

Today, the company announced that their line of portable MP3 players, including the Muvo and Zen products, sold over two million units for the holiday season ending December 31st 2004. The company's press release did not specify if these were US sales alone or worldwide where the company's market share is larger against the industry leading Apple iPod. Either way the numbers are impressive.

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"Today's announcement of our two million MP3 players sold in the quarter will come as a surprise to many who underestimated our marketing capability and didn't believe that we could be such a strong contender to the Apple iPod," stated Sim Wong Hoo, chairman and CEO of Creative in the company's press release. "We just began shipping the Zen Micro in late November and it is taking the market by storm.

Apple is expected to announce to the investment community tomorrow their iPod numbers for the holiday quarter. Many analysts feel the iPod topped the five million mark in units sold. Creative's news shows that Apple has stimulated the overall digital music market as a whole. This bodes well for the likes of iTunes competitors like Napster and MSN music as only the iPod can play music purchased from iTunes.

Now let's see what numbers Creative's closest rivals, iRiver and Rio, announce.

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