Sony MP3 Takes on (old) iPod touch

By Richard Menta 5/18/09

As I look at the specs of Sony corp's new Walkman X series of digital media portables I can't help but think that the next generation iPod touch will either appear next month or in September. The Sony unit just started shipping in the UK, but it won't hit the states until June. While on paper it may compete well with the present iPod touch, one wonders if Sony's grasp is a tenuous one. I guess that all depends on if the new iPod touch is a bump or a leap forward.

What gives the new Sony Walkman X series a leg up at the moment is its use of a 3" touchscreen OLED display, which uses less power and delivers superior color delivery than the screen utilized by the iPod. The X series of players also come with noise canceling headphones, which give it another competitive edge against the iPod. The Walkman offers16GB and 32GB units, built-in Wi-Fi and a web browser. If that browser supports Flash and Java applets, that will give Sony yet another edge for you Hulu fans.

The Sony weighs in at 5.6 oz in a 0.4 x 2.1 x 3.9 inch body. The 16GB version will sell for $299 and the 32GB version at $399.

The Sony Walkman X is available on Amazon

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