SeeqPod To Return Soon. In Acquisition Mode

By Richard Menta 4/26/09

I received a note today from SeeqPod CEO Kasian Franks that's good news for SeeqPod fans. "SeeqPod is in the process of moving a few servers due to an acquisition by a media company. We'll be back up shortly."

I followed up with Kasian on the phone for a brief call and he confirmed that SeeqPod is alive and kicking. I asked him for details about the acquisition, but the deal has not been finalized yet so he could not disclose who they were in negotiations with. Franks did share that SeeqPod's suitor was a large media company that was a competitor to Apple.

A successful acquisition by a deep-pocketed company adds a new wrinkle as it will give SeeqPod the added resources to weather the lawsuit filed against it by several record labels. Of course, the suit adds risk for the acquiring company, but Franks stressed that SeeqPod is not as much about music than about playable search in all of its forms. We are "looking at a great change in how we access content", he told me. Indeed, the true value in SeeqPod's powerful technology is that it goes a long way towards harnessing this change.

More to come later.

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