SeeqPod Talks to Microsoft

By Richard Menta 5/10/09

Two weeks ago I spoke with SeeqPod CEO Kasian Franks who told me that he was in deep negotiations to sell his company to a large media company that was a competitor to Apple. Now we are in May and rumors have sprung up that the suitor is none other than Microsoft itself. The rumors are based on a link that Seeqpod recently added to its home page pointing to Microsoft search. So, is Microsoft buying SeeqPod?

On Friday Eric Shoenfeld of TechCrunch confirmed that SeeqPod and Microsoft are indeed talking, but not about an outright acquisition. Instead, it appears that Seeqpod is negotiating to sell its key technology assets piecemeal and Microsoft is primarily interested in those specific elements of the search technology that it can wrap into existing services.

This suggests that any full acquisition deal SeeqPod is working on is either on life support or has already fallen through. We'll have to wait and see how this story unfolds. Franks told me back in April that the deal was not finalized, which is why he politely refused to share who the potential suitor for SeeqPod was. SeeqPod does come with a lot of legal baggage, but that baggage is shed if a corporation like Microsoft buys the technology without buying the company. That may be how the negotiations are evolving.

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