SeeqPod Down. Permanent?

By Richard Menta 4/24/09

This might be nothing, but SeeqPod has been down the last couple of hours. Normally this would mean little more than a some daytime server work, but with SeeqPod under the specter of bankruptcy one has to wonder if that site has taken its terminal breath.

SeeqPod has been nothing but great for users who choose not to deal with a P2P client like BitTorrent. Indeed, as Congress mulls yet again on placing legislative controls on P2P applications, savvy users know that much of the music they seek can be found through a Google search. Of course, using Google for song searches takes a bit of know-how and a couple of well placed commands. That's where SeeqPod excelled, simplifying the effort required for Google users.

The record industry's lawsuit against the site pressured SeeqPod into bankruptcy, but getting rid of SeeqPod does not remove music files from the Net, all which are available through Google. At worse, people will just go back to Google or We'll keep an eye on the site and see if it returns. Again, SeeqPod is probably not gone, at least not yet. But, then again, we can't say we will be shocked if it is.

9:00 PM EST - Called SeeqPod's office and left a message. Also emailed, but no response yet. Site still down.

8:00 AM EST 4/25 - SeeqPod still down. Still no response from messages.

8:00 PM EST 4/25- Still offline

10:30 PM EST 4/25 - At 9:45 we found SeeqPod put up a post saying that the site is down for maintenance and will be up shortly. By 10:30 the site was offline again, so people attempting to access the site now will not see the message.

1:00 AM EST 4/27 - Spoke with SeeqPod CEO Kasian Franks. Service is in the process being acquired.

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