MP3 Player From Lego

By Richard Menta 4/22/09

Targeting the wee one has been a successful option for MP3 makers looking to grab a little real estate in the digital player market away from Apple. Brand loyalty in the MP3 player rhelm has been particularly kind to Disney, who will put mouse ears on anything, though I found the Sansa Shaker to be the best kid-aimed portable to make it to store shelves. The folks at Lego have revealed their new branded portable unit for the tot-set.

The Lego MP3 player looks as one would expect it to. It has 2GB of memory, a rechargeable battery (one or two AAA cells, like used by the Sansa Shaker, is better for the kiddie market IMHO), and comes in two different color schemes, the primary colors pallette as seen on the right and combo of light pink and medium pink blocks.

The Lego MP3 ships this summer for $40.

Lego MP3 Player

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