iPod touch 64GB with Final Cut Mobile

By Richard Menta 5/24/09

The rumor mill has been running on overdrive with speculation over what the next gen iPod and iPhone portables are going to look like. At this point I would not be surprised if the Apple mags and fan blogs started "confirming" portables as surreal as the iPhone Submersible and the iPod Telepath.

Of those rumors of which I am more skeptical of, one of them has struck a note with me. A 64GB iPod touch that needs the extra capacity because it is running a mobile version of Final Cut. Now almost all video cameras today can do in-camera editing, and OS X is perfectly capable of running an abridged editing program as long as it doesn't over-tax the CPU. To me this set up comes across as quite compelling, even though I am not a member of the mashup generation. I actually would love to have an iPod 64 with Final Cut Mobile. The name alone sounds good.

Of course, Final Cut is not the most intuitive program out there, so it would have to be considerably re-worked for on-the-go touchscreen use. But - and this is important - if it is done well it would be a damn compelling combination. One that would be a draw to anyone who posts a video on YouTube.

We gave the odds that an iPod 64 with Final Cut Mobile will appear at 19:1 in our recent iPod Handicap session. That reflects our suspicion it is more wishful thinking than anything else. Still, I hope it's real. I want it.

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