iPod iPhone to get Hulu

By Richard Menta 4/18/09

The rumor mill is bristling again and the word is the iPod touch and the iPhone will soon have access to Hulu streams. According to Silicon Alley Insider Hulu will release an application for the iTunes app store that will allow iPhone and iPod users to watch their catalog of TV fare on the run.

Hulu has had significant success in drawing an audience to the Hulu site, but they are still struggling to get advertisers to commit to television that is streamed to PC users. With an iPhone app Hulu would pull a different audience, one that is looking for mobile entertainment. That would create a new audience segment that the folks at NBC and Hulu could use to entice resistant sponsors.

There is no date for when the application will appear for the iPod, but the rumor is built on the assumption that the upcoming iPhone OS 3.0 update will allow developers to build streaming media into their applications.

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