iPhone Tripled OS X Base

By Richard Menta 6/8/09

The first comments that Phil Schiller made when he began Apple Co's WWDC keynote shows how powerful a force the iPhone and the iPod touch have been. Since their introduction the OS X using iPhone and iPod have tripled the number of users of Apple's operating system from 25 million to 75 million.

As consumers steer more and more to portable computing the sharp rise in OS X use gives Apple a very strong footing as the portable OS of the future. Yes, MS has Windows 7 in the works and that will probably remain the dominant OS for enterprise servers for years to come. But a lot of workers have an iPhone and an iPod touch. With the integration of more portable wares into the enterprise over the next few years the iPhone, the iPod touch, and any similar units will help Apple grow beyond the consumer market.

Chart shows iPhone effect on OS X use

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