iPhone 3G-S, Plus iPhone OS is Updated

By Richard Menta 6/8/09

So, did we get new iPhone models at this year's Apple WWDC? Yes we did, the iPhone 3G-S.

The 3G-S upgrades the camera to 3 megapixel and adds video capability. Another feature of the new iPhone is called Voice Control, which allows the user to work the unit with vocal commands. Voice Control also talks back to the user, allowing it to respond back to drivers who ask what song is playing as an example. Voice Control also serves as a text reader.

For the enterprise Apple has added hardware encryption to the iPhone 3G-S. Apple promises that the new iphone will have up to 5 hours 3G talk time, 9 hours of WiFI internet. The iPhone 3G-s will sell for $199 for 16GB and $299 for the 32GB model. The iPhone 3G-S will ship next week. As for the existing iPhone it will drop in price to $99 and become the starter unit.

For the operating system itself, iPhone OS 3.0 now allows cut copy and paste as well as shake to undo (I wonder how many undo's you might be able to do with a too vigerous a shaking). Users will also be able to download movie and TV shows directly to the iPhone itself. Apple has also added parental controls to the iPhone as well as support for HTTP streaming audio and video. Push technology has been added.

Another feature Apple added is Find My iPhone. For anyone who ever suffered the trauma for locating a misplaced iPhone you can now login to MobileMe on any browser. There the phone's position is triangulated and when you are near it's location you then set off a homing beep to allow you to locate it.

That will make some interesting police stories if the iPhone is stolen and the thief can be tracked. In fact, the user can send a delete command to remotely blank their iPhone of data to protect personal information and then reload that info when the iPhone is returned.

The new iPhone 3.0 is free to iPhone users, $10 for ipod touch users and will be available June 17th.

Apple demoed a number of Apps including Apple introduced TomTom navigation for the iPhone and Iceberg, a book-buying app for the iPhone that's an update to the books section in the iTunes App store.

Said TomTom co-founder Peter-Frans Pauwels "We've worked hard on this. We've delivered real TomTom navigation on the iPhone". TomTom is also offering a car kit for the iPhone. TomTom for iPhone will be available this summer.

Iceberg suggests that an iTablet is indeed in Apple's future, though it was not introduced today.

iPhone 3G-S

Find My iPhone

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