Archos 3 MP3 Player

By Richard Menta 6/19/09

Archos has always been one of the better iPod alternatives if not the best, so when a new model arrives it deserves everyone's attention. The latest MP3 unit to come from the French electronics maker is the Archos 3, a touchscreen unit with a 3" display and 8GB of memory. Archos claims the player will have 14 hours of battery life, will have a voice and audio recorder and handles photos.

Unfortunately, Archos has been scant on any other details for the unit like supported codecs and cost. Some sites are saying the unit will be around $140, but that has yet to be confirmed. Archos is also touting a virtual wheel selector for the new Archos 3, presumably an on-screen control, but the details of which are also unknown. No date has been offered as to when the unit will ship, but presumably we will see it by Fall.

The Archos 3

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