Wins Case. To Re-open May 16th

By Richard Menta 5/10/08

According to TorrentFreak,, the icelandic BitTorrent site, won its case in that country's Supreme Court. The case, which was dismissed by the lower court before the plaintiffs appealed, saw awarded half-a-million ISK (just under $6,000 US dollars). The Supreme Court added an additional 400,000 ISK when it dismissed the case over legal formalities. The court ruled that plaintiffs had no legal grounds to persue the case. owner, Svavar Kjarrval, told TorrentFreak he was “very happy with the decision,” adding he hopes to have the site open on the 16th. “However, the executive of one of the plaintiffs [SMÁÍS] claims he will use any means available to stop the site from re-opening. I don’t know if that will succeed or not.”

Svavar added that “This ruling doesn’t state that torrent sites are legal so there is still no certainty as to their legality”

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