iPod touch Trouble Already. Apple Help Lines Clogged

By Richard Menta 9/12/08

I made a jaunt to the local Apple store in Menlo Park, NJ to pick up my review unit of the second generation of the iPod touch. Anthony Cuni, the store's assistant manager, told me that the units just came in that morning and they were just putting out the demo units. With the exception of the rounded back it looked exactly like my first generation iPod touch, sans the big crack I put in the glass two months ago when I dropped the thing on a nice soft concrete walkway. Anthony showed me the demo unit and a few minutes later I took my review touch home.

Anyway, I thought about doing another iPod touch unbox thing, but figured I'd leave that to the YouTube minions this time as I already made my opinion about those videos known.

What I am more interested is seeing the improvements Apple made to this updated iPod as well as get to sink my teeth into the Apps now available for it. I hesitated to make the $10 investment on my first generation iPod touch with that crack running up the left corner. When I got home I updated iTunes an began to set up the new unit on my Windows XP system.

Unfortunately, I only loaded half my music to the new player when I got this error message. "Attempting to copy to the disk "iPod touch 2G" failed. An unknown error occurs (-69). Repeated attempts to load anything else to the unit is met with the same error. A couple of reboots then brought up this error message "iTunes was unable to load dataclass information from Sync Services. reconnect or try again later".

I decided to reboot again, but using the cable from my old ipod touch to rule that out. Now neither Windows or iTunes could see the device. I went back to the cable that came with the new unit and again iTunes and Windows failed to see it. The unit will play the songs I did manage to load on it fine. I suspect something blew in the unit in the area dealing with the port on the iPod touch.

I called Apple's always helpful (at least in my experience) helpline only to fine that the lines are jammed. I know the recent iTunes update is causing a lot of grief with Windows Vista owners, but could it also be the problem I'm having on the new touch is not an isolated case?

I'll post a follow up when I am able to get through to Apple.

Follow up September 13:

Still couldn't get through to Apple over the phone so I made a trek over to my local Apple store to swap out the touch for another unit. As usual, the store staff were both courteous and helpful as we tried to troubleshoot the issue.

Problem solved and here's how for others who come across it. It seems that iTunes is a little more sensitive to "corrupt" song files than the previous version. I put the word corrupt in quotes, because the songs still play in iTunes and on my old player. They just had a problem when it came to transferring them over to the new iPod touch. I just deleted the files from the iTunes list each time the transfer process froze (thus identifying the culprit) and my player loaded fine.

Now back to review mode.

iPod touch
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