iPod touch 2G Won't Support Some iPod Peripherals

By Richard Menta 9/15/08

Just to get started on this review of the iPod touch 2G is proving to be a bit slow. A few days ago I ran into a problem with the new iPod, because the sync process was freezing on me. The solution was a relatively simple one, but I had to go to the local Apple store to troubleshoot it since Apple's help line was jammed with callers. Now I have run into another issue.

On Sunday I decided to listen to the iPod 2G on my car radio as I drove to do some errands. To do this I use Griffin's iTrip FM transmitter, a unit designed specifically for the iPod, which plays very nicely with my older iPod nano and iPod touch 1G.

When I hooked up the iPod touch 2G and flipped on the radio I got...static. I checked the connections to make sure all was secure and that is when I spotted this little message that popped up on the display of the iPod.

"Charging is not supported with this accessory".

It was not only charging that was not supported. All I got from my car's radio was static as the iTrip failed to send a signal. This was confirmed as the song I selected played through the iPod's internal speaker despite the fact that a device was plugged into the iPod port.

Huh? As I remember this Griffin iTrip had the official "Made for iPod" logo, Apple's official blessing that device makers receive in return for a 10% revenue tithe. Isn't that 10% supposed to provide a reasonable expectation that the peripheral will work with future players. As the iPod touch 2G is mostly a refresh of the iPod touch 1G I think it is reasonable to assume an FM transmitter would continue to function fine. I doesn't function at all.

So, I guess...this means I have to purchase a new FM transmitter if I want to play my new iPod in the car? That's a waste.

What's worse, since the iPod touch 2G is just days old, how do I know which transmitter on the market today will work with it? Trial and error? The "Made for iPod" logo can't help me.

Which brings up another point. What other peripherals won't play nice with the iPod touch 2G? There are thousands of them, how many others have been rendered obsolete by this update? How can I tell which work and which will not?

I hope to have that answer tomorrow when I call Apple. I'll give the PR folk a direct ring this time if the Apple help line proves to still be flooded with calls.

Follow up Sept. 15:

Tried the iPod touch 2G on my Altec Lansing inMotion speakers for the iPod. The 2G does not work on that peripheral either.

iPod touch 2G
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