iRiver Spinn

By Richard Menta 8/20/08

The first thing about iRiver's new portable is it offers a nice 3.3" AMOLED touchscreen with haptic feedback. With the iPod touch being such a nice little player, the best competition; iRiver, Creative, SanDisk and Archos, really have to take the lead in offering the latest-greatest options, just to keep from falling behind in market share.

The Spinn in the name is a spin wheel feature that handles analog controls (even the iPod touch has a home button). The iRiver Spinn handles MP3, WMA, OGG, FLAC audio and MPEG4, WM9 for video. Throw in Bluetooth, something woefully missing on the iPhone and a radio and you add a couple of more items not found on the iPod. Unfortunately, the DMB capability allows you to only receive digital TV overseas, so this unit will not be US-bound without a change or two. $259 gets you the 4GB model and $299 gets the 8GB.

iRiver Spinn
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