iPod Sells 22 Million

By Richard Menta 1/22/08

Apple sold 22 million iPods during the holiday quarter. The company also sold 2.3 millions iPhones for the quarter. Overall, Apple's portable line brought in about 38% of total revenue.

As usual, CFO Peter Oppenheimer didn't break down the iPod line by sales, but he did point out that the iPod touch came in at above expectations. This is notable because the iPod touch, along with the iPhone, take Apple's mobile line beyond that of a music player. There were concerns expressed by the analyst at Goldman Sachs that the MP3 market was reaching a saturation point. Oppenheimer replied that the market the iPod touch was entering, that of WiFi mobile platform was a strong growth market. Just recently, Apple charged $20 for a suite of applications for the iPod, a products Oppenheimer mentioned, though he did not reveal how many individuals purchased the apps set in the opening first weeks

Coming off of the wild swings on Wall Street lately, Apple had to be happy about record sales all along the product line. Of course, investors tend to cling to the most optimistic estimates - some were as high as 25 million units - and sell off because even record profits still disappoint. On the call, Apple did find itself defending its iPod sales with the analysts.

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