iPhone to Hit 45M Units in 2009

By Richard Menta 4/1/08

Being April Fools day one wonders if Gene Munster's prediction that Apple will sell 45 million iPhones next year is just a prank or a sincere estimate of that popular mobile device's growth potential.

I think it is safe to bet he is dead serious in his projection simply because he offers sound reasoning as to how the iPhone can achieve this lofty figure. Actually, Munster gives three good reasons for budding iPhone success:

  1. Apple will introduce a 3G iPhone in the next three to six months
  2. Apple will expand the iPhone to several models by Jan. 2009, priced as low as $200 to $300.
  3. The iPhone will double its overall market share as it continues to move into overseas markets. China is the big prize, which Munster feels Apple will close by the middle of next year.

If Munster's projections are in-line with Apple's fortunes, he estimates the iPhone will contibute $12 Billion to Apple's bottom line as we roll into 2010.

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