Apple Store Packed Black Friday

By Richard Menta 11/28/08

I decided that I would pass by the local Apple store and see how business was going. According to the wisdom on this economy, it may prove a cool holiday for Apple, what with $200 music players being more frivolity than necessity. Apple dropping prices for Black Friday - albeit modest drops - suggest that Apple is already feeling some of the pinch and feels obliged to sweeten the deal.

Yet, stand outside of the Apple store in Menlo Park NJ today and you will see a store packed with shoppers flowing in and out of it. I could barely get near the iPhones located on one side of the store that's how many people crowded in. But just because a store is filled it doesn't mean people are buying. So the question is are these consumers just tire kickers or is Apple raking it in despite the dire warnings on the economy and the retail sector?

I took a little impromptu and wholly unscientific poll of shoppers going in and out of the store and out of 60 shoppers leaving the store 18 of them were walking out with a shiny new Apple product. What was glaringly noticeable was that 6 of those 18 shoppers, or one-third, were taking home new Mac laptops.

Now I don't know how this compares with the past holday season, it's very possible a lot more iPods were flying off shelves then, but there is still a lot of interest in what Jobs and co. are offering and that's good news for Apple. Even if it is a down year for Apple, relatively it won't be a bad one.

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