Star Wars MP3 Player

By Richard Menta 7/21/08

Back in the 70's when Star Wars first hit the big screen who would have thought that the action figure of a minor character named Boba Fett would be among the most coveted toys among obsessive collectors of contemporary kitsch? Hey, maybe this little novelty of the digital age will likewise be in demand 30 years from now - as long as it sells poorly to ensure there will be few survivors that remain unopened in their pristine plastic packets.

Anyway, for the comic book guy out there who need to jam to tunes with Star Wars character sticker slapped on their player, Forbidden Planet is hawking these otherwise dull little portables. $80 gets you a basic player that I would have called outdated in 2006. First, there is only 512MB of memory in the thing, half of what is found in the $49 iPod shuffle (At $69 the 2GB shuffle is also cheaper). Next, this Star Wars player has what looks like a dated LCD display, though in all fairness as long as it effectively navigates the song list that doesn't matter much. The unit plays MP3 and WMA files and has a FM tuner.

The Star Wars player will ship by the end of the month. Availability will be restricted to this planet due to the iPod tax recently introduced on Tatooine and Naboo.

Star Wars MP3
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