SanDisk Intros its First 32GB Flash MP3 Player

By Richard Menta 1/7/08

It's good to be a maker of flash media when you sell an MP3 player, because your portables get all the new high-end memory cards and chips early. SanDisk announced that they have bumped the capacity of two of their players, lead by the 32GB Sansa View, which is officially its first 32GB flash portable. Only one other maker offers a 32GB flash unit, that is Creative, which announced the first 32GB unit last month. Priced at $349 the SanDisk Sansa View 32GB will ship to retail stores next month.

Meanwhile, SanDisk has also increased the capacity of the Sansa Clip to 4GB and adds a polished mirror finish. SanDisk keeps the price at a nice iPod Shuffle busting $79. SanDisk also announced the release of a 12GB microSDHC card for those who just don't have enough memory on their mobile devices.

4GB SanDisk Sansa SanClip

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