RCA Lyra Slider MP3

By Richard Menta 9/24/08

RCA sold one of the first MP3 players, the original RCA Lyra, which we reviewed back in 1999. Despite being a respectable player for the time, that was the only time that RCA was considered one of the key players in this space. RCA has always had a line of digital audio portables - they co-invented the MP3 format - but with the exception of an early PMP unit that preceeded the video iPod to market but sold modestly, the company has not been a leader.

That said, RCA has revived the Lyra name with an interesting slide PMP that pulls its inspiration from the mobile phone market. The Lyra Slider offers 4GB and 8GB of capacity and offers an FM tuner and voice record. The unit promises 8 hours video and 50 hours audio from the battery. We don't have info yet on the supported codecs, but prices will run $79.99 for the 4GB and $99.99 for the 8GB

RCA Lyra Slider
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