Cowon S9

By Richard Menta 8/27/08

For those looking for an iPod touch with a little more zoom to it, Cowon's latest digital player may offer up what you are looking for. Sporting a 3.3" inch touchscreen the Cowon S9 has an unsusal and curiously attractive curved backside that serves as counterpoint to the otherwise square faceplate. The unit has a 272x480 capacitive AMOLED touchscreen that, like the iPod touch, rotates as you turn it. Bluetooth and an FM tuner are just two features unavailable with the present version of the iPod touch and the S9 also includes a TV out for those who wish to view stored videos on a larger screen. A 500MHz dual-core CPU powers the S9, which Cowon claims will get 40 hours of audio on a single charge. No price or release info offered yet, but figue it will appear in October for gift season.

Cowon S9
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