Bejing Stadium MP3 player

By Richard Menta 8/20/08

When your country builds 70% of the world's electronic toys, it's pretty easy to to come up with some interesting commemerative items, for say, the Olympics. In this case, Chinese workers put their $40-a-month efforts into an MP3 player shaped like the birds nest inspired Bejing stadium. The Bejing MP3 offers a choice of capacity ranging from 1GB to 4GB, handles the usual MP3/WMA combo, and has a small LCD display. Otherwise, it is a simple bare bones player. Oh wait, did I mention that the unit has a matching speaker? The Bejing Stadium MP3 player is priced cheap enough, $19.99 for the 1GB and $32.56 for the 4GB unit. Another $12.98 gets the matching speaker.

Bejing Stadium MP3 Player
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