Swedish Justice Ministry Submits Tougher Piracy Law

By Richard Menta 7/9/07

Now that the Swedish police have decided to back off from their plan to block access to the Pirate Bay by having it blacklisted as a child pornography site, the Swedish Justice Ministry is taking a stab at stopping file sharing. Today the Ministry announced that is has proposed a new law that would make it much easier for copyright holders to identify those sharing their content. If passed the new regulations will require courts to deliver the names of Internet subscribers suspected of violating intellectual property rights to the rights holders for potential action. Said a ministry spokesperson "...it will become easier to intervene against illegal file-sharing, which in turn will stimulate the development of legal alternatives for distribution of, for example, film and music over the Internet,"

A Piratbyran lobbyist was critical of the move saying it's "time to stop pampering the record industry".

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