MP3 Player is Rubik's Cube

By Richard Menta 1/22/06

The year is just a few week's old and we already have our first candidate for unusual portable player award. Yes, that's a Rubik's cube you see there and how comfortable such a device could be tucked in a pocket is one of the questions we have to ask.

The other could be why, but we know better.

Rubik's MP3 Cube by Yanko Design

For those who miss jammin to the sounds of the early 80's and think Pac Man is the bomb, the Yanko Design company has come up with a concept player where the twist of the cube is how the user activates the various functions like play and fast forward. Who needs a scroll wheel when you have the cube dude? It's only a concept by designer Hee Yong, but we have seen odder fare actually hit the market. That means there are no juicy specs like capacity or battery life. Usually we focus on actual production players, but we bent the rules this time for the fun factor.

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