Blender's Powergeek 25 - The Most Influential in Web Music

By Richard Menta 7/22/07

For the most part Blender's PowerGeek 25 list of the 25 most powerful and influential people in the web music business hits the big movers and shakers in the budding industry and it makes little sense to quibble about who is listed and who is missed. Steve Jobs clearly deserved the number one position and the inclusion of Eric Garland at BigChampagne, Bram Cohen and Ashwin Navin of BitTorrent, as well as the leaders of MySpace, YouTube and LimeWire are more than appropriate. Still, there was one inclusion that I thought was curious and deserved a mention and that is Fluxblog's Matthew Perpetua.

This is not to imply that I have a problem with Perpetua as a selection. Just the opposite, site's like Fluxblog offer a critical visibility many indie artists otherwise couldn't get. Frankly, I can also appreciate the fact that the little guy can be represented in a list that includes owners of billion dollar properties. But is Matthew Perpetua really more influential to the perceptions and attitudes of the digitally connected than Professor Michael Geist, Paul Resnikoff of Digital Music News, Thomas Mennecke and Drew Wilson of, Jon Newton of, and Kurt Hanson's Radio and Internet Newsletter, not to mention the "Your Rights Online Section" of Slashdot, arguably the most influential destination of the digitally sophisticated?

Maybe. But most likely my slight issue with the list - a compilation no more subjective than MP3 Newswire's own annual digital media winners and losers list - is not who is included but who are left off.

25. Pete Wentz: net-obsessed star of Fall Out Boy
24. Bob Leftsetz: The Leftsetz Letter (music business blog)
23. Eric Garland: BigChampagne (online music research firm)
22. Brett Woitunski: PureVolume (indie-punk community site)
21. Matthew Perpetua: Fluxblog (mp3 blog)
20. David Pakman: EMusic (online music retailer)
19. Bram Cohen and Ashwin Navin: BitTorrent (file-sharing service)
18. Jason Tate: AbsolutePunk (indie-punk news and community)
17. “Oinkylicious” Alan: Oink’s Pink Palace (invite-only file sharing site)
16. Vadim Mamotin: AllOfMp3 (discount retailer)
15. Tim Quirk: Rhapsody (subscription music service)
14. Anthony Volodkin: The Hype Machine (mp3 blog aggregation)
13. Perez Hilton: PerezHilton (gossip blog)
12. Mitch Bainwol: RIAA (music business trade group)
11. Scott Lapatine: Stereogum (indie-rock blog)
10. Coran Capshaw: MusicToday (online ticketer and merchandiser)
9. Christian Schmid: RapidShare (file-hosting service)
8. Greg Bildson: LimeWire (file-sharing program)
7. Martin Stinksel and Felix Miller: Last.FM (music community site)
6. Ian Rogers: Yahoo! Music (music portal)
5. Ryan Schreiber: Pitchfork (indie-rock magazine)
4. Doug Morris: Universal Music Group (recording company)
3. Chad Hurley and Steve Chen: YouTube (video-sharing site)
2. Tom Anderson and Chris Dewolfe: MySpace (social-networking site)
1. Steve Jobs: Apple (Technology corporation)

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