Down After Huge Traffic Spike

By Richard Menta 7/5/07 is officially gone, but the site that AllofMP3 parent MediaServices created to replace it is also down.

For the last two days we have been unable to access, essentially a twin of AllofMP3 that supposedly falls under different and now legal licensing.

Is it because is experiencing technical difficulties or is it because it too has been taken down? A look at Alexa shows that interest in is very high, so high that the site's traffic has exceeded's normally high traffic. So high that yesterday just missed the Internet top 1000 in traffic, ranking at 1,007 globally. It is quite possible that MP3Sparks' servers were simply overwhelmed.

At this point there are no answers to why the site is down, but we will try to contact MediaServices and find out why.


Traffic comparison between (blue line) and (red line)


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