iPhone Bricks Revived by Hackers

By Richard Menta 10/12/07

What Apple taketh away tech savvy iPhone fans giveth back. Two weeks after an Apple update to the iPhone turned those that were meddled with by their owners into paper weights, hackers have come up with a way to revive bricked iPhones. iPhoneSIMFree, who published a hack that unlocked the iPhone so it could be used with other mobile carriers, announced that version 1.6 of the application will "unbrick" disabled iPhone units.

"SimFree v1.6 release, is now capable of completely restoring/repairing software unlocked "bricked" iPhone", said the iPhoneSIMFree.com site. Resellers are offering the SimFree software for about $60, a fear cheaper option for bricked iPhone owners than Apple's suggestion of buying a new iPhone. Whether SimFree v. 1.6 lives up to its iPhone claims waits to be seen, of course. It also waits to be seen if the latest hacks can survive future iPhone updates.

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