iRiver, Rhapsody Team

By Richard Menta 7/10/07

In an effort to re-create the iPod-iTunes experience Real Networks and iRiver announced the Clix Rhapsody. Essentially an iRiver Clix 2 player that integrates with the Rhapsody music service, the unit taps into several features that intertwine the two neatly. This includes the ability to rate songs on-the-fly, which taps into Rhapsody's larger recommendation system to bring personalized music recommendations into the portable music experience. Said iRiver CEO Sean Kim With Rhapsody DNA technologies, we are able to introduce a number of new features to enhance the consumer's digital music experience by providing intuitive ways to discover and enjoy new music directly on the device.

iRiver Clix 2 is available on Amazon

A 4GB Clix Rhapsody sells for $189. As for those who already own a Clix 2 iRiver is supplying a firmware upgrade that will allow it to also tap into Rhapsody. This is second major DAP maker to join with real Networks. Earlier this year number two portable maker San Disk forged a similar deal.

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