iPod Touch Warning: Requires OS X Tiger

By Richard Menta 9/15/07

It looks like out review of the iPod Touch just came to a crashing halt. For some reason both our Mac and the iTunes application that holds our store bought tunes refused to see it. Even more curious, the iPod Touch would always launch iPhoto, which once open also could not see the device.

We routed around Apple support trying to find what was causing the glitch and found nothing. Just being thorough we clicked on the system compatibility link to confirm what we already knew, that the Touch worked with our system.

That's when we found that it did not.

It seems that the new iPod Touch has two requirements that no other iPod has. First, the user must have Mac OS X Tiger (10.4.8) installed. Our Mac is 2 1/2 years old and has Panther on it (10.3.9). Second, the PC must have internet access, because the iPod Touch needs to phone home to be turned on. We have the second, but the first is a particularly problematic issue. While we plan to upgrade the operating system, we are waiting to jump to Mac OS X Leopard (10.5) when it ships next month. No use spending our $129 for Tiger only to have Apple tell us we need to still spend $129 to get Leopard. We like paying once, not twice.

It is annoying that Apple decided to cut out these other operating systems from iPod Touch access. For now we have to find an alternate Windows PC with XP SP2 or Vista to test the iPod Touch. Either that or return the iPod Touch and skip the review altogether as waiting a month for Leopard will postpone the complete review too long to be current news. We'll decide at some point soon.

If you have a Mac with anything other than OS X Tiger avoid the iPod Touch until you upgrade your system. Fortunately, Mac OS Leopard will be out in time for the christmas holiday season, though bear in mind the new OS will probably require some hardware upgrades too.

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