iPod Touch YouTube Problems

By Richard Menta 10/31/07

Just a few days ago I wrote about how well the Apple deal to port YouTube videos to the iPod touch and iPhone is working out. As I wrote:

...the deal between YouTube and Apple helps both companies significantly. The two complement each other that well. It brings a sizeable mobile audience to YouTube that will hopefully entice more content holders to deal than litigate. It also means Apple becomes more dominant in the mobile video domain...

But the last 24 hours have been a different story. No matter what I do I can no longer play YouTube videos from the iPod touch. The listings for many videos appear when I search for them, but any attempt to actually play them result in an error message that says "This movie could not be played". This includes all of the videos I was able to access for the story on the 27th like the ones with Charlie Parker , Joe DiMaggio and Jack Benny. Even our own iPod touch unbox video no longer played.

I am still able to play these videos from my laptop so the problem is strictly with the converted YouTube videos for the iPod touch and iPhone (YouTube utilizes the Sorenson Spark H.263 codec. Apple uses H.264, hence why conversion is needed). What the problem is we cannot say yet, but right now we have not been able to play any of the files we pull up on YouTube search on our iPod touch.

Hopefully, all will be righted soon or, at least, a reason for the problem will be revealed.

Update: Checked YouTube again this evening and the Joe DiMaggio video has now been removed as a terms of use violation. The Charlie Parker and Jack Benny videos are still there and work on the laptop, but still won't play on the iPod touch.

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