iPod Playlist January 4, 2007

Here is this month's iPod playlist. As usual I linked to tunes on YouTube so you can sample the full track.

Biffy Clyro 27 Blackened Sky Scottish band Biffy has a new album due this year. This great track is a free MP3 download on Amazon.
Blue Angel I'm Gonna Be Strong Blue Angel The prototype for Girls Just Wanna Have Fun. In this 1980 Gene Pitney cover, Cyndi Lauper sings she's "going to take it like a man" with all the cojones she can muster only to drop down briefly into a little girl voice that both exposes her vulnerability as well as prove she can equal the boys without giving up her femininity. Then Cyndi fires back, singing out the last word "cry" with a power that no man can ever match. 60's warhorse transcended.
Damian Marley All Night Welcome to Jamrock  
Pinback AFK Summer in Abbadon  
Carbon Leaf Let Your Troubles Roll By Indian Summer  
Gas Giants The Letter From Beyond the Back Burner Robin Wilson and Philip Rhodes post Gin Blossoms band was showcased on the now defunct Atomic Pop site. I still have their free download of the acoustic version of Quitter, which was superior to the album cut.
Charlie Parker and Dizzy Gillespie Hot House WKCR (recording from NY FM station) Still listening to WKCR's Phil Shaap during my morning drive as he explores the Parker/Gillespie recordings.

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