iPod Touch Unbox Improved - Sort of

By Richard Menta 9/19/07

I find it interesting how when a new iPod appears the first thing someone wants to do is rip it apart - literally - for the benefit of others. So when the iPod touch appeared dozens of folk had to "touch" it and place the results online.

But I guess the secret of creating an iPod touch unbox segment for the Net is not creating the best iPod touch unbox photo or video layout, but the first iPod touch photo or video layout. This has led to a slew of quick, shaky camera iPod videos along with the associated nasal ramblings of it's creator as they turn the camera on themselves, try to think of a few words to say, and then turn it back to the iPod.

When we picked up our iPod touch we wondered if we can improve on the unbox video thing just a little bit. So we gave it a try, but sure enough once we got the damn thing out of the box we had to postpone our little shoot. It seems our 2 1/2 year-old Mac wasn't iPod touch worthy. We fortunately had access to a Win XP box and acouple of days later we were able to assemble the short ditty in the panel to the right.

iPod Touch Unbox
So, is our iPod touch unbox video really better than the other guys? That's just a matter of opinion. It's short, but we tended to focus more on the undressing than the actual manipulation of buttons and spouting of tech specs. Call us iPod voyeurs if you must, we just had more fun stripping off the cellophane and... Oh lord! Does that make me an...an iPodophile? What will I tell my SanDisk and Archos players?

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