AllofMP3 Returns

By Richard Menta 8/27/07

After the US Government succeeded in pressuring Russia to close it seemed safe to assume the book was shut and the story over. Turns out we still have a few more chapter left. Empowered by several court rulings that indeed supported's contention that it worked within Russian law the infamous service is in the process of re-opening for business.

If you go to the site today site administrators posted: "The service will be resumed in the foreseeable future. We are doing our best at the moment to ensure that all our users can use their accounts, top up balance and order music".

The IFPI said it would appeal the August 15th ruling in's favor. A more critical ruling for the company came several weeks earlier when the courts ruled that Visa acted improperly when it cut off as a customer. That ruling allows the ressurected service to take credit card payments again once it is up and running.

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